UAV platforms are nowadays a valuable source of data for inspection, surveillance, mapping and 3D modeling issues. New applications in the short- and close-range domain are introduced, being the UAVs a low-cost alternatives to the classical manned aerial photogrammetry. Rotary or fixed wing UAVs, capable of performing the photogrammetric data acquisition with amateur or SLR digital cameras, can fly in manual, semi-automated and autonomous modes. With a typical photogrammetric pipeline, 3D results like DSM/DTM, contour/Profiles, Ortho Mosaic,3D models, vector data, etc.

  • Point Cloud / DSM / DEM data
  • DTM (Digital Terrain models) conversion
  • Contours / Profile / TIN
  • 3D / 2D feature Mapping
  • Volumetric Calculation
  • Ortho Image processing
  • GIS Customization
  • Image Geo-referencing
  • Map Digitization / LULC mapping
  • Forest Mapping / Archaeology Mapping
  • CAD Conversion services
  • Satellite Imagery Interpretation
  • Classification
  • Modelling
  • BIM
  • LiDAR Mapping