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We provide UAV Photogrammetry Services, Lidar Services, Geospatial Services

As a single stop provider of geo-spatial solutions, we offer a full line of Photogrammetry, LiDAR, GIS and UAV image processing services and solutions. We are able to provide on-site, off-site and on-shore model staffing to our customers.

UAV Photogrammetry Services

Drones are the latest trend in capturing data for use by GIS and Remote Sensing. We offer our expert services in photogrammetry processing of UAV captured images. The standard deliverables include dense point cloud, orthomosaic and digital surface model (DSM).

LiDAR Services

With the LiDAR sensors becoming cheaper (and lighter), there is a high availability of 3D LiDAR data having ever increasing coverage. We are skilled and ready to assist with all your LiDAR processing needs, including processing, analysis, classification and modeling of your 3D data.

Geospatial Services

We offer our expertise in building GIS from ground up and services for implementing industry specific GIS and mapping solutions. We are equally at home with COTS as well as open source software and tools. We also offer our services for custom development of GIS applications and processing automation tools to help achieve your productivity goals.

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